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Crypto FX Markets

Trade perpetual swaps and leveraged spot directly on-chain with Vertex. Permissionless and capital-efficient, Vertex brings the power of DeFi to users everywhere.
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What's Vertex all about

Platform Features

Leveraged Trading
Open long and short positions with up to 44x more buying power
Utilize collateral across positions and markets to avoid unnecessary liquidations
Expansion of utility for non-USD participants
Vertex makes it possible for non-UST stablecoins to be utilized in DeFi
Vertex brings the mechanisms necessary for numerous financial primitives to be built on-chain
Hedge & Speculate
Across various stablecoin foreign exchange markets
Provide Liquidity, Earn Fees
Take leveraged LP positions and earn commissions
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Ask questions. Meet other traders.
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Tutorial 🏁
New to Terra? First time trading with leverage?
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Under the Hood

Get to know Vertex Protocol.

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Announcing our Testnet Launch
The Vertex testnet MVP will be the first opportunity for Terra natives to trade derivatives using leverage within the ecosystem.
Litepaper V1
Vertex sets out to create the infrastructure and mechanisms necessary to bring real-world money markets and genuine financial products on-chain.
Introducing Vertex - FX on Terra
As crypto continues to spread into every corner of global markets, certain participants have notably been left behind.